7 Best Essential Oils For Acne & How To Use Them

Best essential oils for acne

Best Essential Oils for acne: The natural treatment!


Acne is the worst and nobody likes it when your body surprises you with an embarrassing pimple. Most people think hormonal teenagers are the only ones that can breakout. However, this isn’t the case because acne can, and just might, show up at any age…

… And plenty of factors could make you more likely to get acne! Things like your mood, diet, hormones and even genetics could be holding you back from the clear skin you want.

… In an attempt to find some relief, some turn to harsh chemical washes, creams and facial scrubs to get rid of their pimples… Most of these potentially having harmful side effects or being plain ineffective. Although, there is another more natural option – use essential oils for acne!

Essential oils are known to possess some amazing medicinal properties! Because of this, they can be pretty effective at clearing up acne! Not to mention, these are an all natural alternative to chemical treatments. Using some of the best essential oils for acne, you can finally see the results you need and banish breakouts for good!


Why Are essential oils good for acne?

Best essential oils for acne treatment

People have been using essential oils for a long time and for good reason. They just work… Not just for acne either, but for a huge variety of ailments! People are increasingly becoming aware of this all natural solution and it’s outstanding health benefits. This is a great option for those that want real results!

Some essential oils actually have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. These two medicinal properties are extremely beneficial for acne treatment. Because of this, they can protect your skin from becoming inflamed and painful, as well as prevent microbes from infecting and clogging your pores.

Wondering which essential oils are the best for your acne? Trying to find out how to use them? Continue reading below to find out…

Top 7 best essential oils for acne


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1. Lavender Essential Oil

using lavender essential oil for acne

 If you’re looking for a soothing solution to your acne, you probably want lavender essential oil. Turns out, this essential oil has some pretty good benefits on your skin, this is mainly due to its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Basically, it works by calming and nourishing your skin!

This effect helps at treating acne, healing dry and damaged skin, and reducing your visible acne scars. It even diminishes the appearance of dark spots! Simply just adding lavender essential oil into your daily routine can help you prevent breakouts, before they start messing up your life…

Another benefit of lavender essential oil is its amazing ability to reduce stress and anxiety. In some cases, these feelings are known to be directly associated with acne breakouts in teens and adults alike… Not to mention, this essential oil can even improve your quality of sleep, giving you an unbelievably great nights rest! Of course, getting plenty of rest is great for promoting healthy and clear skin!

– How to use Lavender essential oil for acne


Lavender essential oil also has antibacterial properties, one way this oil can be used to cure acne is to apply it directly on the affected area of the skin. To fight acne, simply add 3 – 5 drops to a clean cotton ball and apply it to the area that’s breaking out.

Lavender oil can also be diffused at home to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. Both of which are infamous for causing acne.. To do this, just diffuse 5 or so drops of this oil at home or in your office. No time to diffuse, no problem! You can also just apply this topically to your wrists, neck or temples!

2. Tea Tree Essential Oil tea tree oil for acne reviews

Is tea tree oil good for acne… Yes, tea tree essential oil is an extremely effective solution for those suffering from acne! It’s so effective that you’ll often find that some over-the-counter acne treatments contain tea tree oil…

Some benefits of tea tree oil benefits include its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This essential oil is also very pretty popular among people who treat their own acne.

Because it has anti-bacterial properties, tea tree essential oil is able to fight off any nasty bacteria that might cause acne in the first place. Tea tree also helps reduce any inflammation and redness on the face you might have gotten from a breakout…

– How to use tea tree essential oil for acne


Tea tree oil can be applied topically for a quick and effective acne treatment. Simply add about 3 – 4 drops to a clean cotton ball and just apply it to the area your breaking out.

If you’re wondering how to use tea tree oil for acne in another simple way, tea tree oil can also be added to a spray bottle filled with water. All you have to do after this is take your solution and cover your face or body in a light mist, afterwards you should be good to go!

3. Rosemary Essential Oil how to use rosemary essential oil for acne

Rosemary essential oil is one of the best essential oils for acne! This is due to its wide variety of positive benefits… This includes its amazing ability to improve overall skin health! Rosemary is well-known for its powerful anti-septic properties, so much so that it has become a popular ingredient for many different skin and hair care products…

Using rosemary essential oil for acne can help reduce any excess oil in your skin. Also, this oil is known to have some crazy anti-inflammatory properties! This helps to get rid of the soreness and redness on your skin that’s caused by acne. Rosemary oil can even help improve your circulation, this can also result in a firmer and more clear complexion!

– How to use rosemary essential oil for acne


To use rosemary essential oil for acne, just dilute about 3 – 4 drops of rosemary essential oil into one single teaspoon of a carrier oil. This can be something like melted coconut oil… Afterwards, simply just rub your oil into the area your breaking out!

If you can’t manage to find a carrier oil, you can also add around 7 – 10 drops of rosemary essential oil to your bath. This is especially great if you are prone to body acne, as it can rapidly make it just disappear!

4. Bergamot Essential Oil Is bergamot essential oil good for acne

Bergamot essential oil has powerful anti-septic properties, not to mention it’s able to promote skin growth! This makes it easier for your body to recover from a breakout…

Bergamot oil is another outstanding option for treating acne breakouts, as well as some other skin conditions… It’s can even be used to reduce the appearance of scars and other marks that are usually left behind from acne.

Experts even believe that bergamot oil can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, which many people know to be a cause of acne… Much like lavender, by reducing the stress levels, you should start to see a clear difference in your complexion.

– How to use bergamot essential oil for acne


To use bergamot essential oil for acne, you can do a simple spot treatment. Just place 1 drop of bergamot oil on a clean q-tip, then gently dab it on your acne and pimples.

You can also mix 3 – 5 drops of bergamot essential oil with a teaspoon of olive or melted down coconut oil. Doing this, you’ll start to notice your acne packing up and leaving for good!

5. lemongrass Essential Oil lemongrass oil for acne reviews

When it comes time to show acne no mercy, it’s time to bring out the lemongrass essential oil! This is one of the best essential oils for acne because it has tons of anti-bacterial and astringent characteristics. This helps to treat your acne, as well as prevent breakouts…

Lemongrass essential oil even contains Vitamin E, which is well-known to help lighten redness, brighten skin complexion and reduce acne scars that have been left behind. Also, lemongrass oil contains tons of Vitamin A, which hard works to repair and renew cells. This vitamin even has some properties that prevent acne from starting!

On top of everything else, lemongrass oil has anti-inflammatory properties. This can help to reduce any pain and soothe the irritation of the pimples you already have. This natural solution is great for oily skin too! It easily removes oils leftover on your skin, and without over drying it…

…And because of its astringent properties, this essential oil can help shrink any of your open pores, which means less acne! For all of these reasons, lemongrass essential oil is considered to be one of the best essential oils for acne prone skin.

– How to use lemongrass essential oil for acne


To use lemongrass essential oil for acne, just dilute it with any carrier oil and then apply it topically on the skin. This is an unbelievable way to treat acne prone skin!

However, if no carrier oil is available, you can also mix about 1 – 2 teaspoons of this essential oil with water in a spray bottle. Shake the contents and use by spraying a mist directly on your skin! 

6. frankincense Essential Oil frankincense for acne reviews

Frankincense essential oil is packed with antiseptic, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties! This essential oil can help break down any acne-causing bacteria! Along with helping to prevent acne and clearing the breakouts you currently have! Frankincense essential oil also has anti-inflammatory properties to cool down irritated skin and soothe uncomfortable acne…

Do you have oily skin? Simple, use Frankincense essential oil! Without making it completely dry, this oil is very effective in controlling oily and greasy skin. This is because frankincense oil has potent astringent properties, which is also very useful for acne treatment.  This can even help to close your pores, which will often result in breaking out less…

Best of all, when you start to use frankincense essential oil for acne, you probably notice its amazing anti-scarring properties! This will help to prevent the acne you currently have from leaving behind any scars, as well as fade old acne scars!

– How to use frankincense essential oil for acne


For an acne breakout, you can apply frankincense essential oil topically by mixing it with Aloe Vera gel. To do this, take 1 – 2 drops of frankincense oil and mix it with one teaspoon of Aloe Vera. Afterwards, simply put the mixture on your face and repeat use to see results!

Additionally, like some of the previous oils, frankincense can be used in a spray treatment. To do this, all you need to do is mix a cup of water with around 1 teaspoon of frankincense. After it’s well shaken, just spray a fine mist on your face or body to keep acne away!

7. oregano Essential Oil oregano oil for breakouts

When we talk oregano, we’re not talking about the spice you cook with… We’re talking about oregano essential oil and if you want healthier skin, you should definitely think about tossing this in your medicine cabinet! Using oregano essential oil for acne, you might finally find relief from annoying breakouts…

Oregano oil also has natural anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. This makes it extremely effective at treating acne! This oil, when diluted, can even work great at spot treating your pimples! Oregano oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, this helps to reduce any puffiness, discomfort or redness the acne might have caused…

With some powerful disinfectant properties. oregano oil is considered to be amazing for a number of reasons… Overall, this oil can be pretty effective for treating many different skin conditions, not to mention acne…

– How to use oregano essential oil for acne


To use oregano essential oil for acne, start by mixing 2 – 3 drops of the oil and a teaspoon of carrier oil. This can include olive oil or melted coconut oil. Afterwards, simply start to dab your mixture onto the areas affected. Remember, this oil should only be used when diluted with another oil, as it can cause skin irritation..

Using Essential oils to Get the clear skin you deserve!


best essential oils for acne prone skin

Now that you’ve went over all of the best essential oils for acne, it’s just up to you to make a choice! We’ve covered which oils are good for treating acne, even including instructions on how to use essential oils for acne.

You can even find insight on the best essential oils for acne scars… Using some of these essential oils for acne scars can reduce the appearance, or make them disappear entirely!

Overall, it doesn’t matter if you get the occasional pimple or have acne prone skin, essential oils might be just what you’re looking for! Say farewell to breakout and hello to make outs! If you happen to know someone whose troubled by acne, we encourage you share this article!

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