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Best essential oils for motion sickness

The Best Essential Oils For Motion Sickness

Essential Oils: A Cure for Motion Sickness Most people don’t like to experience that nauseous and queasy feeling. The same feeling that everything around you seems to be spinning or moving about. However, if this is something that usually happens on a form of transportation, (Read More…)

How to use lavender essential oil for sleep and relaxation

How To Use Lavender Essential Oil For Sleep

Why should you use lavender essential oil for sleep  Are you tired of not being able to fall asleep? “Counting Sheep” just not cutting it for you? Well, brace yourself, because there is another option… Just use lavender essential oil for sleep! Often enough, many people (Read More…)

Medicinal Peppermint Essential Oil For Headaches

Peppermint Essential Oil For Headaches – Best Choice

Peppermint essential Oil for headaches – relief using Natural Remedies First and foremost we know headaches are such a pain! We can never accomplish anything through-out our day with a stubborn headache.  Headaches are typically brought on by feelings or pressure. Multiple factors can bring (Read More…)

best essential oils to use for acne

7 Best Essential Oils For Acne & How To Use Them

Best Essential Oils for acne: The natural treatment!   Acne is the worst and nobody likes it when your body surprises you with an embarrassing pimple. Most people think hormonal teenagers are the only ones that can breakout. However, this isn’t the case because acne (Read More…)