The Best Essential Oils For Motion Sickness

Top essential oils for motion sickness

Essential Oils: A Cure for Motion Sickness

Most people don’t like to experience that nauseous and queasy feeling. The same feeling that everything around you seems to be spinning or moving about. However, if this is something that usually happens on a form of transportation, the cause is typically motion sickness. This can make road trips, boat rides, and even flights seem very uncomfortable for some. The good news, there’s actually some effective essential oils for motion sickness that’ll help to ease symptoms of nausea and settle your stomach in no time!

This should be useful if you find you’re always dealing with motion sickness, or just know somebody else who always does. Here you can find information on how you can start to alleviate nausea and dizziness using essential oils. With this, we’re hopeful we’ll make your next road trip that much better!

What Causes Motion Sickness…

Before we jump into the good stuff and list the best essential oils for motion sickness, it’s probably best for one to identify the cause of their motion sickness first. This might just help you to find relief a whole lot sooner.Essential oils for motion sickness relief

Some factors that might contribute to motion sickness include: 

  •  Stuffy atmosphere
  • Consuming too many sugary foods or drinks
  • Eating too much or not enough before travel
  • Dealing with a headache while traveling
  • Being on your phone while traveling
  • Not getting enough rest
  • Not staying hydrated enough
  • Being unable to see the road
  • Feeling too hot
  • Drinking too much alcohol before travel


Top 5 Essential Oils For Motion Sickness

It’s no fun dealing with car sickness, no doubt about it. However, you shouldn’t worry too much because it can go away! By using these essential oils for preventing motion sickness, you’ll finally be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride! Below you’ll find a list of the top essential oils for motion sickness to make your trips more enjoyable!

  • Peppermint –Peppermint essential oil is a popular choice among essential oils used for motion sickness. This essential oil has been known to be extremely effective at relieving problems such as car sickness. The cooling effects of this essential oil can help to ease nausea and settle your stomach in no time! Although, unlike the other in this list, it’s not recommended to use this essential oil for children under the age of 6.
  • Patchouli – Although Patchouli isn’t the most popular essential oil for motion sickness, it can be extremely effective at preventing vomiting. Patchouli can do this because of its ability to ease the muscle contractions associated with vomiting. This is definitely a great oil to settle an upset stomach!
  • Grapefruit – Grapefruit is useful for a wide variety of ailments! From boosting your immune system, improving digestion, to even aiding with weight loss! With all that grapefruit can do, it’s no surprise this would be a great essential oil for preventing motion sickness. This citrus oil is effective at easing symptoms of motion sickness and nausea, along with possibly even up-lifting moods!
  • Ginger  Another amazing essential oil for motion sickness is Ginger! This oil is useful for a few reasons. Along with helping to ease anxiety, Ginger essential oil helps to fight stomach aches and the feeling of vomiting. This essential oil is even believed to help with coughs, colds, and the flu!
  • Dill Weed – Dill Weed essential oil is a great choice, especially for children with symptoms of motion sickness and nausea. Not only does this help with your motion sickness, but it even helps to balance out your digestive system. It’s easy to see why this essential oil is one of the most popular for an upset stomach!

Here are 5 of the top essential oils for preventing motion sickness! If you want to learn different ways you can use these essential oils for motion sickness, continue reading below…

How to use essential oils for motion sickness…

Don’t know how to use essential oils On-The-Go? Look no further! Here are a different few ways you can start using essential oils wherever you go!

1. Car Diffuser — If you’re in search of something to soothe your entire family or vehicle, you probably want a car diffuser. Car diffusers are a really convenient way to use essential oils, especially on the road! This is a great item for anyone prone to car sickness, plus it’s a great way to keep your vehicle smelling amazing!

2. Nasal InhalersA nasal inhaler is perfect for those looking for something a bit more personal. An individual with motion sickness can use this whenever the need arises, without forcing anyone else to smell the oil if they don’t wish too. You simply add a few drops of your favorite motion sickness essential oil to the inhaler for use.

3. Aromatherapy Vape Pen — Similar to a vape pen, this healthier alternative allows you to take aromatherapy on the go, wherever you are. This device is very compact, easy to use, and durable!

( Click here to check out our review of the corked aromatherapy vape pen! )

4. Tissue Paper — If you’re looking for a simple and cheap way to take your oils On-The-Go, all you really need is some simple tissue paper. To get started with this method, simply put a few drops on some tissue and inhale from it afterward, bringing it up to your nose. Whenever you feel the need to use the oil again later, simply add more drops and repeat the process.

Got an oil or recipe you use? Share your favorite essential oils for motion sickness and how you use them below!

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